Group Limits

Due to the capacity restrictions, social distancing requirements, and other state guidelines related to Covid-19, group visitation to wineries is very limited at this time. Most wineries are requiring reservations for all visitors, allowing walk-ins as capacity allows, and most have capped groups at 6 people, though this varies by winery. We understand this is disappointing for those wishing to plan larger group visits.

Current Winery Offerings

For a brief summary of what each winery is offering in terms of tastings, group capacity, and so on, please visit our Current Winery Offerings page. Our Winery Listings pages are also very helpful in terms of details for individual wineries. We have communicated all of these changes to our transportation partners and we ask that everyone join us in following the rules.

Know before you go and help us stay open

We want to avoid conflict and misunderstandings. The worst thing that could happen would be for a large group to successfully book a bus or limo, only to arrive at wineries and be turned away. So, please do not make attempts to skirt the rules. These are rules that the wineries are required to have to keep their customers and staff safe, and in order to re-open and remain open. If you haven’t seen just how challenging these rules are, please refer to the most recent SLA guidance. It’s not easy to reopen under these auspices, but the wineries are doing their best.

Thank you for your understanding and we greatly appreciate your support!