Three unique wineries and a brewery all on one estate.



craft beverages
outdoor space/picnic area
overnight accommodations

Wine Styles

dry red
dry white
dry rosé
semi-dry red
semi-dry white
semi-sweet red
semi-sweet white
semi-sweet rosé
sweet red
sweet white
sweet rosé

General Information

For us, brotherhood isn’t about genes, it’s about a shared outlook on life. A common viewpoint despite different backgrounds. There are examples all over the place. Siblings adopted from opposite sides of the world. Children raised by wolves. Ray Charles and Billy Joel. If you drink wine for fun…If you like the taste of adventure…If you embrace something different at every turn, then you’re a Brother. Even if you’re a sister.

About Us

In a nutshell, expect something different.  Our estate is home to four unique tasting experiences that share a common attitude. They’re all fun (in their own way) and they’re all staffed by friendly and knowledgeable people who agree working at a place like this is as much fun as visiting. Tour the full estate or taste in the building of your choice. With our expansive selection of hand-crafted wines, microbrews, hard ciders, and craft sodas there’s bound to be something for everyone who visits.

Variety fosters creativity, encourages exploration, and promotes inclusivity. It enables us to embrace diverse perspectives, experiences, and ideas, fostering innovation and understanding in our increasingly interconnected world. Embracing variety enhances our ability to adapt, learn, and thrive, ultimately enriching our collective human experience.

Shop our online store when you need to restock your favorites. Other helpful links: Iron Heart Cafe Visiting Us Photo Gallery Events Frequently Asked Questions 

Our Wines

Stony Lonesome Wine Cellars A classic beauty of a tasting room with a breath-taking view of Seneca Lake.  This winery houses our traditional vinifera wines from our austere dry Riesling to our award winning Bourbon-aged Barbera and the ever-popular semi-sweet Chambourcin.  The wines in this winery concentrate on utilizing our Winemakers honed skills to produce award-winning quality wines from our premier cool-climate region of the Finger Lakes. Passion Feet Wine Barn The labels in this playful winery were inspired by women of distinction. We celebrate the bold characteristics our Passion Feet labels represent like Wanderlush, Ferocity and Eccentricity. These wines are refreshingly delicious ranging from semi-dry to sweet. Don’t forget to try the famous Wine Slushie served in this tasting room. In addition to wine there are endless amounts of gifts and trinkets to peruse. Bagg Dare Wine Company Possibly the most photographed winery on the Estate and arguably the most fun, this bayou tasting room sits at the back of the campus accessible by an old dirt walking path.  If you’re lucky enough to catch one the local talents strumming tunes on the truck-bed bandstand on the pond while sipping some sweet wine from BDWC, consider it a damn good day. War Horse Brewing Co. Something’s always brewing at WHBC! From Custom Ales, Lagers and Seasonal Beers to our house-made Hard Ciders & Sodas you’re bound to find something that you like.  At War Horse, we honor the warriors who fight for our freedom. Walls are adorned with photos and memorabilia of friends and families who serve.

Tasting Information

  • We are not taking limos or buses on the property – no exceptions. Limos may not drop guests off on the road to walk in.
  • Reservations for tastings are recommended Saturday and Sunday. We’ll take walk-ins if we have space, but no guarantee.
  • Reservations are paid in full at time of booking.
  • Capacity is limited to seating available.
  • By the glass sales are limited depending on traffic and space
  • Café seating is limited and first come, first serve.

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