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Wine and food go together. Whether it’s a dish that is savory like barbeque or sweet like chocolate, adding wine to a meal enhances the taste and experience all around. Our wine and food events are designed to help you explore our Trail Member wineries, learn more about the art and science of wine and food pairings, while having a wonderful time. There is no better way to learn about wine than to taste it!

For each our events, you will choose a “starting winery”. Since we do not mail tickets, you must visit your starting winery first to pick up your tickets and your event favor (where applicable). From there you may visit the rest of the participating wineries in any order you choose on any of the event dates/hours listed (with the exception of Flights and Bites, which does have a specific itinerary).

The majority of our events are held over 2 1/2 days and we do that so you can space out your winery visits, ensuring you have ample time to taste and enjoy the experience at each stop along the way. If you have questions about our events or need clarification about how they work, please give us a call: 877-536-2717.

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