CK Torrey Ridge Winery & Meadery

A good wine is a wine you like!

At CK Torrey Ridge Winery and Meadery we believe “A good wine is a wine you like.” Everyone’s palate is different, so we all need to find the wine that’s just right for each of us. At Torrey Ridge, you’ll find literally dozens of wines, plus a variety of meads and hard ciders, as well as fruit wines made from more than just grapes. Come visit and experience it all!


We offer a broad range of wine choices (sweet, dry, red, white, rose, vinifera, hybrids, and native New York grapes) for you to find “your wine”.

Mead & Hard Cider

But not all wine comes from grapes. Stop by our Meadery and try our “other white wine”, our WortHog Hard Ciders and our specialty fruit wines!

We take great care to create our mead (wine made from honey) in a way that maintains its natural honey flavor. The result, a soft, light wine in four basic meads – Traditional, Dry Contemporary, Semi Sweet Contemporary, and Sparkling.

More than grapes

We also ferment a variety of fruits including apples, cherries, pears, apricots, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries! In the process, we create a wide variety of sweet fruit wines full of flavor! And for fun, we created our “specialty wine selections” by blending our contemporary mead with our fruit wines; offering something to be enjoyed by almost any palate !

Come visit

We’re located halfway up Seneca Lake’s west shore. Enjoy the day on our lawn overlooking the lake and surrounding farmland, and “Find your wine”, mead, hard cider.