Fulkerson Winery

A tradition of seven generations of family farming.

In 1805, the same year Lewis & Clark set out on their expedition to explore the west, Caleb Fulkerson journeyed north from a settlement in New Jersey in search of fertile farmland. He staked out a piece of land on the western slopes of Seneca Lake, which grew into the Fulkerson Winery you know and love today. The Fulkerson family now proudly produces over 30 varieties of wine and 33 varieties of fresh grape juice for home winemakers.

About Fulkerson Winery
Fulkerson Winery and Farm is a family owned winery, fresh juice plant, and working farm in Dundee, NY. Located in the heart of the Finger Lakes on the West side of Seneca Lake, Fulkerson has been in operation for the last seven generations. Offering Classic vinifera, Heritage Native, and Regional Hybrid varieties of wine, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect bottle for any occasion!

Looking to try some delicious wines before you buy? Stop by our tasting room and savor the flavors for yourself. At present, tastings are limited to a maximum of 6 people with reservations required. Walk-in groups will be limited to 4 people.

Flights consist of 4 wines each, with the option to pre-select if you’d like to sample a White, Red, Dry, Semi-Dry, or Sweet flight. We’re also offering wines by the glass – talk to a steward for prices. Charcuterie, cheeses, and other food items are currently available in retail packs.

Flight Prices
Dry White Wines: $8
Dry Red Wines: $8
Premium Dry Red Wines: $10
Semi-Dry Wines: $8
Premium Sweet Wines: $7
Zeppelin Wines: $6

U-Pick Produce
Black raspberries were the first commercial crop grown by Fulkerson Farms in the late 1880’s and over the generations the crops expanded to include grapes, apples, peaches and more. Now, the 280-acre farm has around 110 acres of grapes and almost 5 acres of other U-pick fruits and vegetables. Come on out and bring the family to enjoy some great wines and fun times!

Grape Juice & Home Winemaking
Fulkerson proudly offers fresh-pressed grape juice to home winemakers, but you also have the opportunity to pick your own grapes to be crushed. Avid home winemakers appreciate the chance for greater selection and control over their juices. You can even pick your own grapes to create unique hybrids that will give your wine a delicious, personalized flavor. While you’re there, pick up any extra supplies you may need to create the perfect batch of homemade wine.

Fulkerson Farmhouse & Trails
If visiting Fulkerson from out of town, the 1856 Fulkerson Farmhouse is the perfect place to stay and relax. Just 500 feet from the winery, the house has 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and large common areas, and has been re-finished to comfortably accommodate up to 10 people.

The farmhouse has direct access to the Seneca Lake Wine Trail, lake access within eight miles, and six wineries within two miles. We also maintain over three miles of trails weaving in and out of the Fulkerson Vineyards and woods on the main property. Maps are available in the tasting room, so bring a picnic and enjoy!

COVID Reopening Guidelines for Visitors
Please check our website for the latest information.

Tastings will be conducted by appointment, or by a first-come, first-served basis if we are able. Reservations may be required on certain days; same day reservations are accepted. Tastings will only be allowed in designated seating areas and will be seated. A menu will be provided with by-the-glass sales if this option is preferable. Should a customer in a tasting group not want to sample, they will be allowed to stay with the group during the time of their tasting.