Winery Awards

Below is a partial list of awards, or industry praise, many of our member wineries have received the past few years. Thank you to the New York Wine and Grape Foundation and Jim Tresize for their weekly emails which provided the bulk of this information. Please know that we have several member wineries that submit their wines to very few if any competitions, and therefore have fewer medals, but that in no way necessarily reflects the quality of their wine at all. Usually, in fact, it means they’re a relatively small winery, where the owner(s) do literally everything from the vineyard to the bottle, and simply lack the time/resources to submit wines to as many competitions as they might prefer. For those visitors, however, that are fans of particular grapes, or style of wine, this list can be helpful in winnowing down the list of wineries you might want to visit. If, for example, you’re a big fan of the Merlot grape you can perform a search of this long page for that grape, and quickly identify at least some of those wineries that have made some award-winning Merlot wines the past few years.

At the 2016 Grand Harvest Awards in California, Gold medals went to Belhurst for their Neptune and 2013 Manitou Meritage, and Wagner for their 2015 Dry Riesling.

The 2016 Jefferson Cup Awards is a unique and prestigious competition organized by our friend and colleague Doug Frost, who is one of few people in the world to be both a Master of Wine and Master Sommelier (and who judges at our New York Wine & Food Classic).  What makes it unique is that it’s an “invitation only” competition based on how wineries have fared in various other competitions around the country.  And it’s a tough one, so the awards mean a lot, starting with the top award category called  a “Jefferson Cup Award”–in honor of Thomas Jefferson, of course. Our member wineries showed very well in the 2017 event, starting with three Jefferson Cup Awards for Chateau LaFayette Reneau 2015 Semi-Dry Riesling; Fox Run 2014 Riesling Lot 11 Lake Dana Vineyard, Seneca Lake; and Fox Run 2014 Riesling Lot 11 Hanging Delta Vineyard, Seneca Lake.  The Fox Run winners are part of the winery’s unique “Geology Series”. Double Gold medals were awarded to Glenora 2015 Barrel Fermented Chardonnay; Lamoreaux Landing 2015 Chardonnay Reserve and  Gold medals went to Chateau LaFayette Reneau 2013 Meritage, and Seyval-Chardonnay; Fox Run 2012 Blanc de Blancs; and Wagner 2014 Riesling Ice.  New York wines also won 27 Silver and 16 Bronze medals.

At the 2016 World Value Wine Challenge, Glenora 2015 Dry Riesling scored 92, with its 2015 Pinot Blanc rated 91

At the 2016 Tasters Guild Consumer Wine Judging yielded Double Gold medals for Belhurst 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon; Lakewood 2015 Riesling, and 2015 Glaciovinum.  Gold medals went to Belhurst 2014 Cabernet Franc, Sparkling Isabella, and Ice Princess; and Lakewood 2015 Vignoles.