Bargain Bash - January 9-18, 2016

The Seneca Lake Wine Trail's 2016 event season launches with our annual Bargain Bash! Unlike our other events, this week long sales event does not require tickets. Think of Bargain Bash as being like a big, Trail-wide spring cleaning, garage sale where the early bird gets the proverbial worm!

Participating wineries take the opportunity to clean out their inventory and drop prices on select items consisting of everything from wine, to wine glasses, clothes and other retail items. This event will be held January 9-18, 2016 during each winery's regular business hours. If you are on our mailing list, you'll also receive a postcard once per year that includes 6, $1 coupons that can be used during this event; it also lists all our upcoming trail-wide events for 2015. If you did not already receive this postcard, sign up to be on our mailing list (check the box "Annual Special Event Postcard Mailing" and we'll do our best to send you a postcard before Bargain Bash starts up.

Below is a list of member wineries who signed up for our 2016 Bargain Bash. This page is being constantly updated during the several weeks leading up the event. Please check back on this page closer to the event for a more current listing. If you don't see any specific bargains listed for a given winery below, please contact
that winery directly as they may also have Bargain Bash deals going on but the Trail office has not received specific information; we recommend you contact the winery directly to confirm the details of their offerings.  Contact information for all these member wineries can be found under the "Wineries" section of this site.

Ravines Wine Cellars - 

White Springs Winery - 

Fox Run Vineyards - 

Serenity Vineyards - 

Seneca Shore Wine Cellars -  

Anthony Road Wine Company -

Prejean Winery -   

Miles Wine Cellars - 

Villa Bellangelo - 

Fruit Yard Winery -  

Hickory Hollow Wine Cellars - 

Glenora Wine Cellars:  

Fulkerson Winery -  

Rock Stream Vineyards - 

Lakewood Vineyards - 

Castel Grisch Winery - 

J.R. Dill Winery - 

Atwater Estate Vineyards

Chateau LaFayette Reneau - 

Leidenfrost Vineyards -

Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards -

Penguin Bay Winery -

Standing Stone Vineyards -

Bagley's Poplar Ridge Vineyards - 

Wagner Vineyards -

Kings Garden Vineyards - 

Three Brothers Wineries & Estates -

Ventosa Vineyards - 



Ravines Wine Cellars - Ravines is offering a wine & food pairing tasting of Dry Rosé of Pinot Noir paired with creamy artisan cheese fondue infused with rosé wine and sun dried tomatoes served with warm and crusty bread for dipping.  A bottle of Rosé with the fondue recipe card is a bargain for $11.95.  (Cannot be combined with any other discounts.)

Belhurst Winery

  ·   Carrie Blush is on sale 3 for $30
  ·   Up to 50% off Holiday Merchandise 
  ·   Up to 50% off select Merchandise through out the store

White Springs Winery

Fox Run Vineyards

Serenity Vineyards - 50% off our 2011 "Mystery Riesling" (no limit) and we will give an additional 5% off of our normal 15% on full cases.

Seneca Shore Wine Cellars - We continue to have our amazing Worker Wine offer, starting at just $4.99 per bottle during Bargain Bash.  There will be a few gift items marked down to 50% off as well. 

Anthony Road Wine Company -

Prejean Winery -$2.00 off select bottles of wine and a few BOGO surprises as well.  

Torrey Ridge Winery - 

Earle Estates Winery & Meadery -  

Miles Wine Cellars - Gifts, apparel and NY food products 30% off.

Villa Bellangelo

Fruit Yard Winery - Wine specials for $4.99 and $5.99. 

Hickory Hollow Wine Cellars

Glenora Wine Cellars: (photos of wine decor and candles)

Decorative Wine Decor at Glenora

• $10 off decorative wine décor- urns, bowls, vases, and platters

• $5 off Esque 9” candle vase

• $3 off Esque 4” candle

• ½ off select wine racks

• $5 off select t-shirts


Fulkerson Winery -  

·       ·   Burntray, Matinee & Moscato--Buy 1, get 2nd bottle (same variety) 40% off!
·   Select wines (to be announced)—Buy 1, get 1 free (same variety)!
·   Select merchandise 50-75% off!

Rock Stream Vineyards

Lakewood Vineyards

Castel Grisch Winery

J.R. Dill Winery

Atwater Estate Vineyards

Chateau LaFayette Reneau

   ·  5% our 2010 Merlot
   ·  10% off our Riesling Trio
   ·  10% off our Holiday Survival Kit (Roaring Red, Northern White, Emperor’s Blush)

Leidenfrost Vineyards

Combination Deals:

   ·  25% off any mixed case of 12 bottles (Not to be combined with other deals)
   ·  "Winemaker's 7": Choose any 6 bottles, get a 7th FREE!

Specific Deals: (Not to be combined with other offers, does not include sales tax)

   ·  Pinot Noir 2010 on sale for $16.00 per bottle, $140.00 per case of 12
   ·  Cabernet Franc 2008 on sale for $14.00 per bottle, $120.00 per case of 12
   ·  Special Holiday Release- Log Cabin Red 2013 on sale for $10.00 per bottle, $90.00 per case of 12
   ·  Chardonnay 2012 on sale for $8.00 per bottle, $80.00 per case of 12
   ·  Gewurztraminer 2011 on sale for $12.00 per bottle, $100 per case of 12
   ·  Cayuga White 2013 on sale for $8.00 per bottle. $80.00 per case of 12
   ·  Catawba 2011 on sale for $7.00 per bottle, $60.00 per case of 12 
   ·  Special Holiday Sale- Blanc de Blancs (Dry Sparkling Chardonnay) $20 per bottle $180 per case of 12

Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards -

Penguin Bay Winery -

   ·  Dry Riesling and Pinot Noir 2 bottles for $20
   ·  Tuxedos 750 buy 2 get 1 free 

Standing Stone Vineyards -

Gift and Apparel Deals:

   ·  Standing Stone Vineyards' hats - buy one get second 1/2 off
   ·  All wine journals 1/2 price 

Wine Deals:

   ·  *2008 Gewürztraminer : $5 each - some bottles are great, others may be cooking wine. We suggest
       you buy 3 and decide for yourself!
   ·  *2009 Cabernet Sauvignon : $10 each
   *Above wines are not to be combined with any other offers, all sales final, no exchanges or returns.
   ·  Older vintage Ice style wines : $15 each - buy 3 or more receive 15% off
   ·  25% off mix case of wine

Bagley's Poplar Ridge Vineyards

Wagner Vineyards -

Kings Garden Vineyards

Three Brothers Wineries & Estates -

Ventosa Vineyards - 



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