About Us

Since 1905 the Hoffman family farm in Odessa – the home of Sunset View Creamery- has been a special place where values are deeply rooted, and success is measured in seasons. An oft-used term, “sense of place” has great meaning on our 340 acres. The property is much as it was in the days of the original homestead when George Hoffman and his wife, Georgina, purchased the land.  Today, five Generations have graced this place we are fortunate to call home.

The Creamery started in 2004 as a value-added addition to the farm. Being that we are artisan cheese producers we use only their own milk for all our products.  We pride ourselves in making the freshest cheese available by using only the freshest milk.

Our Cheeses:

Raw milk cheeses (Cheddars, Havarti, BelPaese, Parmesan/Swiss, Gouda), fresh cheese curds, mozzarella, raw milk sales.

Visit the Farm:

Feel free to stop in for a free cheese sampling and take a self-guided tour of our farm during our store hours.   We have a completely transparent farm operation and truly welcome the accountability that this openness brings.  In addition, we offer cow cuddling experiences for a small fee and reservation.

If you would like a guided tour please call the store or email us at as they do require reservations.

Be sure to check our website for our current store hours!

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