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Three Things: Glenora Wine Cellars

To help you better get to know the wineries of the Seneca Lake Wine Trail, we wanted to dive a little deeper than the obvious: that they all make really great wine (tell us something we don’t know, right?).

So we’re unveiling a new series here on the Seneca Lake Wine Trail blog called “Three Things” in which we’ll take you on a journey behind the wine and share some interesting tidbits and hopefully share something new with you about each of our member wineries.

Let’s get to know Glenora Wine Cellars!

1. The First Winery on Seneca Lake

When the Farm Winery Act of 1976 was passed, Gene Pierce, along with Eastman Beers, Edward Dalrymple (all independent grape growers at the time) and businessman Howard Kimball, seized the opportunity to open Glenora Wine Cellars on Seneca Lake, the very first on the Seneca Lake. 

Until this point, vineyards in the Finger Lakes were selling grapes to the big producers at the time: Taylor, Gold Seal, and so on.

The idea of opening a winery and a tasting room was risky, and untested. Glenora Wine Cellars was truly a pioneer in this respect. They paved the road for the success of the region today.

A legacy in photos…

From humble beginnings to today

The Inn at Glenora Wine Cellars is a great place to stay and overlooks spectacular vineyards and Seneca Lake

Over the years, Glenora has continued to invest in their property and expand their offerings. This included a production and tasting room expansion in 1987.

In 1999, the creation of the 30-room Inn at Glenora and Veraisons Restaurant, making Glenora the only winery in the region with a winery, tasting room, restaurant, and inn on-site.

2. Education + Hospitality

Glenora Wine Cellars winemaking tanks. Go on a tour to see behind the scenes

One of Glenora’s tenets is hospitality above all else. They want to share their passion with visitors and what better way to do that than to take them behind the scenes? With daily cellar tours, visitors can go behind-the-scenes and see where the wine is made. It’s a tremendous opportunity to ask questions, see the bottling line, the fermentation tanks, plus barrels and clay eggs (did you Glenora was the first in the region to use this alternative vessel?).

After your tour, head up to the expansive tasting room to enjoy a tasting, a glass of wine, a slushie, you can even order a pizza to go with it and they’ll deliver it freshly made: from the restaurant kitchen to your table!

You can enjoy it all in the comfort of their tasting room year-round or step out onto the deck to enjoy the gorgeous view during warmer weather. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

3. Unique Tasting Opportunities

Glenora Wine Cellars New York Tasting Experience features five unique New York made products each paired with a Glenora wine.

Of course, wine is just fine on it’s own, but it wouldn’t be Glenora if they didn’t take it up a notch.

In addition to their standard wine tastings, they also offer unique tastings including their popular New York Tasting Experience featuring local and New York State-made products such as cheese, snacks, and bread; as well as their Chocolate and Wine Tasting with elegant chocolate truffles for those craving a little sweetness.

Glenora is truly a gem in the crown of the Finger Lakes. Their history, dedication to winemaking excellence, well-known hospitality, and commitment to the region is evident in all that they do.

No trip to the Finger Lakes or Seneca Lake is complete without a visit to this iconic winery. Plan a visit to Glenora Wine Cellars today!

People standing at the counter waiting to be served at the tasting room and giftshop at Glenora Winery
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