Seneca Lake Wine Trail Presents

Three Things: CK Cellars

To help you better get to know the wineries of the Seneca Lake Wine Trail, we wanted to dive a little deeper than the obvious: that they all make really great wine (tell us something we don’t know, right?).

So we’re unveiling a new series here on the Seneca Lake Wine Trail blog called “Three Things” in which we’ll take you on a journey behind the wine and share some interesting tidbits and hopefully share something new with you about each of our member wineries.

Let’s get to know CK Cellars!

1. An Abundance of Choices

In a word, CK Cellars is all about choice!

Husband and wife owners, Doctor Paul Curcillo and Doctor Stephanie King, believe strongly in choice and drinking what you enjoy. Home to Torrey Ridge Winery and Earle Estates Meadery, they offer wine, hard cider, and mead.

Something they try to counter at CK Cellars is the belief that sweet wine isn’t “good” wine; that is, that sweet wine doesn’t necessarily need to be well made. At CK Cellars, they pay just as much attention to making their sweet wines as they do their dry wines, because they believe everyone deserves to drink highly rated, well made wines.

2. New York Signature Grapes in the Spotlight

Their exclusive CuKi Fine Wine line offers New York signature grapes. In 2016, they chose a number of New York signature grapes to highlight. From there, they created 11 wines that they feature as fruit forward meets dry. 

Harvested in 2016 and released from 2021 to 2023, these wines have been aged 5-7 years, made from grapes including Cabernet Franc, Concord and Vidal Blanc.

The Traminette from this line was awarded the Best in New York at the 2023 NY Wine Classic.

3. Cider + Mead: New York’s Original Craft Beverages

One might not realize that long before there was wine, there was cider (made from apples) and mead (made from honey). At CK Cellars, you can enjoy wine and also these other “original” craft beverages of cider and mead.

Using fruit and apples, sourced exclusively from the Finger Lakes, they offer a choice of ten hard ciders and cider-wine blends. They also have four distinct meads, as well as mead-wine blends.

These artisan beverages are not widely distributed so the best place to find them is in the CK Cellars tasting room.

At CK Cellars they make over 100 (!) different labels and more than 70 different varietals of fermented beverages, creating a wide range of choice in palate preferences. They don’t infuse their wines with flavors, but dedicate themselves to blending the best of grape wines, hard ciders, and mead to create award winning beverages.

“A good wine is a wine you like.” and you’re sure to find it at CK Cellars.

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