Effective 4/16/18 this event is officially sold out! Sometimes folks realize that they’re unable to attend the event, and therefore hope to sell their tickets for face value. We direct everybody hoping to sell their tickets, or buy tickets to a sold out event, to our fan page on Facebook to connect up with each other: https://www.facebook.com/senecalakewine/. Please call our office with any questions on this process: 877-536-2717.

April 20-22, 2018
This is an incredibly popular event, combining the classic tastes of wine and cheese into one delectable weekend. It is a self-guided tour around beautiful Seneca Lake visiting 30 unique, participating wineries. Just check in and pick up your gift item at your chosen starting winery then start sampling cheese-themed dishes paired with delicious award-winning wines.  Regular tickets purchased in advance are $40 per person. This event is co-sponsored by Cabot Creamery Cooperative.

Dates: April 20-22, 2018

Time: Friday, Noon – 5 p.m., Saturday & Sunday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Tickets are good for 2-1/2 days. Come for one day or the whole event weekend!

Advance Ticket Prices:
$40 per person (wine tasting ticket)
$30 designated driver/non-taster ticket (non-alcoholic beverage offered)

Package: Sit Back & Relax Tours has built a nice package for this event comprised of tickets, lodging and transportation Saturday of the event. Please scroll down further on this page to see many more details about this $645 package.

Tickets are non-refundable.  Tickets do not include lodging or transportation. Advance ticket sales end by 1:00 p.m. EST the Wednesday before the event weekend.  After that, for events that are not sold out, tickets will be available to purchase at a few designated wineries. Discount codes are not valid for tickets purchased during the event.

Event Information and Check-in: Each attendee will enjoy a complimentary sample of the dish served by the winery, paired with about 3 different modest samples of wine intended to complement that dish best.  With so many wineries participating in our events, attendees oftentimes visit many wineries in a day, therefore entire flights of wine samples are not served by each winery during the event. Certainly if you’re especially enthusiastic about the samples you enjoyed, you will be permitted to purchase an entire flight of wine samples.

To get started, ticket orders will be securely processed online through our ticketing vendor ShowClix (see below).  You will select a starting winery, this is where you will check-in any time during the event itself and receive your physical tickets.  You will be sent an email confirmation immediately after you’ve completed the transaction.

Each starting winery is given a limited quantity of tickets.  Because of this, it is even more important that groups of attendees purchase their tickets on one order, to guarantee that all attendees will have the exact same starting winery. Lastly, bundles of tickets can only be picked up by the person who purchased them.

You must start at your chosen starting winery to get checked in. As the purchaser, you will present your state-issued photo ID (driver’s license) get checked in, and their staff will have your actual tickets prepared and ready to hand you.  If there is a gift item for the event, you will pick that up as well.  Participating wineries will require that you have your actual cardstock ticket before you can begin enjoying this event. Printouts of the confirmation email from ShowClix do not qualify as tickets.

Important, Proof of ID: Please bring proof that you are 21 years of age or older. Each winery is individually responsible for checking the age of customers, to make sure they are at least 21 years old, so it is possible that you may be proofed at more than one winery.

As a designated driver you are a VIP and we thank you for making our events safer for your family and friends! You will be offered an alternative non-alcoholic beverage with your food sample.

Sometimes our events sell out, so you should purchase your tickets well in advance of the event itself. If you have any questions about purchasing tickets, please call the office during regular business hours at 877-536-2717.

Important group size policies:  Groups of 19 or fewer people can attend the event together without having to make appointments at the wineries.  However groups of 20 and up to 40 people will be accepted only if routed by the Trail office and only a few large groups are permitted to attend this event.  All large groups must be booked 28 days prior to the event weekend.  Few large groups are permitted and we reserve the right to limit the number of large groups and motor coaches purchasing tickets to our events to four.  Please call Glenda Stermer-Simpson toll-free to inquire about large group event details at 877-536-2717.

Recipes: To view this year’s cookbook, click here. Click on the appropriate link for recipe books from past year’s Spring Wine & Cheese Weekend events: 20122013, 2014201520162017 

Event Co-Sponsor: This event is co-sponsored by our friends at Cabot Creamery Cooperative, makers of the World’s Best Cheddar, and the 600 NY Farm families that own Cabot.

Please note the complete list of our member wineries to the left (when viewing our website on a computer, not phone) are not those wineries participating in this event. The list of potential starting wineries below is also the list of participating wineries.

Spring Wine & Cheese Weekend Package!
Effective 4/13/18 this package is now sold out. Sip Back & Relax Tours has put together a simple and convenient package just for you. They did all the planning so you can just come out and enjoy the event weekend! All packages include event tickets for 2 people; lodging includes 1 room, double occupancy, 2 night stay (Friday and Saturday) at a clean and friendly location. Rooms are guaranteed late arrival for Friday night and unless otherwise requested, are for non-smoking guests. They will also provide 8 hours of transportation on Saturday of the event (8 hours starting at pick up and ending at drop off at your accommodation. Includes gratuity).

Packages are non-refundable within 30 days of the event weekend, with no exceptions made to this policy under any circumstances. Due to the time needed to organize these packages, we cannot at this time, make personal preference changes.

Detailed Description Package #WC_P01
Cost: $645
Nine packages are set up for this trip so you’ll be traveling with a group of 18 total people. Each package is for 2 people. You will receive two tickets to the event, a two night stay (Friday and Saturday night) at the Hampton Inn Geneva, Saturday and Sunday morning breakfast for two, and 8 hours of transportation on Saturday provided by Excel Limousine who will pick you up at 9:45am so you can arrive at your starting winery at the start of the event at 10 am. Please be waiting in the lobby at 9:30am, ready to go, as the bus will depart at 9:45am sharp. (Customers that sleep in too late will miss their ride and have to drive themselves to the event, with no refund.) You will then continue south along the eastern shore of Seneca Lake, sampling wines and food at participating wineries. It is recommended you bring a lunch with you. Bottled water will be provided during your trip. The driver will return you back to your hotel by 5-5:30pm Your tickets are good for Sunday also, so you are welcome to visit any of the remaining wineries on your own, though transportation will not be provided. Sunday event hours are 10am to 5pm.

Please contact Sip Back & Relax Tours directly for reservations or with any questions:
Or visit their Facebook page:

Please note this package has been built and managed by Sip Back Relax Tours, not the Seneca Lake Wine Trail. The Trail has assisted Sit Back & Relax Tours in program development, and are happily promoting it on their behalf as a courtesy to our many, many customers over the years that have clamored for professional, affordable packages.

Purchasing Tickets: Use the form below to safely purchase tickets (not the package listed immediately above) for this event: