Three Brothers Wineries and Estates

Expect Something Different

In a nutshell, expect something different.  Our estate is home to four unique tasting experiences that share a common attitude. They’re all fun (in their own way) and they’re all staffed by friendly and knowledgeable people who agree working at a place like this is as much fun as visiting.

When you arrive, pick up a Tasting Passport (available in any building) and start tasting your way around the estate. With our expansive selection of hand-crafted wines, microbrews, hard ciders, and craft sodas there’s bound to be something for everyone who visits.

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For us, brotherhood isn’t about genes, it’s about a shared outlook on life. A common viewpoint despite different backgrounds. There are examples all over the place. Siblings adopted from opposite sides of the world. Children raised by wolves. Ray Charles and Billy Joel. If you drink wine for fun…If you like the taste of adventure…If you embrace something different at every turn, then you’re a Brother. Even if you’re a sister.