Bostrom Farms

Bostrom Farms is an old-fashioned butcher shop specializing in local meats. They offer a wide variety of pork, beef, and chicken. Bostrom Farms is the 2017 co-sponsor of the popular Smokin’ Summer Kickoff event. In 1989 Bostrom Farms was a beloved family business with many loyal and faithful customers. The family got its start in the meat business in the small Finger Lakes town of Seneca Falls, NY. Life got complicated, and they needed to shift gears in 1992, but their hearts remained committed to producing quality meat and they managed to stay active in farming. Since then, Kevin Bostrom has worked in other professions but has always been searching for a way back to his first love—providing families with high quality meat products. Fortunately for Kevin, his daughter Kate, and long-time family friend, Ben Wickham, share his passion in Bostrom Farms.  Home from the Carolinas on college break, Kate and Ben decided it was time to bring the family business back to life. Fresh out of college, full of enthusiasm and ideas they told Kevin they knew how to make the dream a reality. Trusting in his daughter and friend, Kevin embraced the concept of a partnership. In the Spring of 2012, Bostrom Farms was re-born with the trio of Kevin and Kate Bostrom, and Ben Wickham. The new, re-invented Bostrom Farms brings together Kevin’s longtime experience, Kate and Ben’s youthful innovations, and a combined passion for quality. It’s a team with an appetite for success that promises to deliver the best from their family to yours.

2200 NY-5
Stanley, NY 14561

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