Trail Events

Trail Events

Welcome! Most of our member wineries are open daily year round. However, throughout the year many of our member wineries come together to bring you special ticketed events and offer passport programs. The passports programs are seasonal and require booklets whereas special events require tickets. Both can be pre-purchased via our secure online shopping cart.

Tickets and passports purchased are not refundable, exchangeable, transferable or changeable and the winery you chose to start at when purchasing your event tickets cannot be altered. Seneca Lake Wine Trail events are never cancelled.

Seasonal Passport Programs: The passport programs require booklets which can be purchased directly at the participating wineries’ tasting rooms during the duration of the passport product itself or online. If purchasing passports online delivery time may take up to 3 weeks. Therefore if you plan on visiting the Trail in the next 3 weeks, we strongly recommend you purchase your passports at a participating winery upon your arrival and do not order them online.

A passport is a simple document that for a set price enables an individual to enjoy a complimentary, standard flight of wines at each of the participating wineries listed in the booklet, one time each. Normal tasting fees at the wineries ranges from $3-$6 per winery for a standard flight of wine samples. Passports are an especially great value for regional residents that can easily visit our Trail more than once per season, enabling them to explore all of the many participating wineries across multiple weeks. One-time visitors to the region that plan on visiting at least 8-10 wineries will likely also find this product to be a good value. If your plan is to visit fewer than 8 wineries, then it is probably wise to not purchase the passport, and instead pay the incremental tasting fees that are common to most wineries in the region.

Passports are not valid for groups of 8 or more people. One passport is to be used for one person’s flight of wine samples. A passport cannot be shared between two people. Limited quantities are available, and all passport products are non-refundable. Each passport program is a little different,  so please visit their individual web pages to learn more about them. Passports will go on sale very close to the date that they become valid, and not sooner.

Seneca Lake Wine & Food (festival-style event): Tickets can be pre-purchased via our secure online shopping cart. Or you’re welcome to call the office during regular business hours toll-free at 877-536-2717, and we’ll place the order online for you. This event is held at one location. As the purchaser you only need to print off your receipt, present at the gate, show your state issued ID (typically a driver’s license) and they will place a wristband on your wrist to enter the festival.

Special Events: Special events require tickets which can be pre-purchased via our secure online shopping cart. Or you’re welcome to call the office during regular business hours toll-free at 877-536-2717, and we’ll place the order online for you.

Choosing a Starting Winery: To avoid overcrowding and make the events more enjoyable for everyone, each attendee chooses a mandatory starting point which is where you must go to get checked in. You must select your starting winery when you purchase your tickets; the wineries with tickets remaining as starting points will be listed. Our partner ShowClix will fulfill your online ticket purchase and send you an email confirmation. You as the purchaser will go to your chosen starting winery any time during the event hours, show your state issued ID (typically a driver’s license) and get your actual cardstock tickets. You must start at your starting winery, and for this reason it is also recommended that groups* purchase their tickets on one order, as that is the only way to guarantee that you will all have the same starting winery. Once you start at your chosen starting winery you can then proceed at your own pace and in the direction most convenient for you and your party. This helps keep traffic flowing smoothly around the lake, minimizing delays. Your starting winery is also where you’ll pick up your gift item and have your first food and wine pairing (each participating winery is given a limited quantity of gift items based upon the starting winery points). This may also introduce you to a winery you may have never stopped at before!

Why Buy Tickets Early: The reason most attendees buy their tickets early is so they can select their preferred starting winery. As we get closer to a given event, fewer starting wineries will be available This is only relevant specifically where you will begin the event; even if a participating winery is no longer available as a starting winery, you will still be able to visit them during the event. Another reason to purchase tickets early is because they are more affordable. Tickets purchased after 12pm EST on the Wednesday prior to a given event, or purchased during the event itself, will cost $5 more per ticket. The last reason to purchase tickets early, and this is especially true of our popular Deck the Halls Weekend events, is that our events sometimes sell out in advance.

Cardstock Tickets: Event information is printed on each ticket—the event name, dates and time the event is held, your starting winery, a list of wineries participating in that event, a map, and special event notes on the back. Please take a moment to fill out the top and bottom of the ticket. (Your name and cell phone number at the top in case you misplace your ticket along the way, then the bottom portion also). If you are not on our mailing/emailing list, you can sign up by selecting one of the boxes.

What you get: Though each of our events can be a little different, each attendee will enjoy a complimentary sample of the dish served by the winery, paired with about 3 different modest samples of wine intended to complement that dish best. With so many wineries participating in our events, attendees oftentimes visit many wineries in a day, therefore entire flights of wine samples are not served by each winery during the event. Our events are meant to be samples only and additional samples are left to the discretion of each winery. If you wish to taste numerous wines, we suggest you do a wine-tasting tour with a designated driver at times when Trail-wide events are not taking place. You are not required to taste wine at a winery to get your favors or food associated with these events.

Only have one day? For the 2 1/2 day events, if you have only one day to spend, consider attending on Sunday. This is definitely the quieter and more relaxing day.

Proof of Age: Please bring proof that you are 21 years of age or older. Each winery is individually responsible for checking the age of customers, to make sure they are at least 21 years old, so it is possible that you may be proofed at more than one winery. If you purchased a Designated Driver ticket, you will be offered an alternative non-alcoholic beverage (if you are the DD for a Deck the Halls DD couples ticket, you will only be served non-alcoholic beverages, while the other person sharing your ticket will be offered samples of wine)

*Groups During Special Events: It is recommended that groups of up to 19 people should place all tickets on the same order to ensure they will receive the same starting point. Groups of 19 or fewer people can attend the event together without having to make appointments at the wineries. However groups of 20 up to 40 people maximum, will be accepted only if routed by the Trail office, no large groups of 20+ people are accepted for Deck the Halls. All large groups must be booked 28 days prior to the event weekend. Few large groups are permitted and we reserve the right to limit the number of large groups and motor coaches to (4) four. Please call Glenda Stermer-Simpson to inquire about large group availability and event details at 877-536-2717.

If you purchased tickets and can’t attend a special food and wine pairing event:  Though our tickets are non-refundable, sometimes people will realize they cannot attend the event, and then want to sell their tickets for face value. We recommend that potentially sellers and buyers, connect up via our Facebook fan page. You can go under the “Events” section and click on the actual event itself and post something there.

Please keep in mind that only the person’s name on an order can pick up the tickets at the assigned starting winery; if the ticket(s) you are buying are the only ones on a given order, that person must give us a call in the office at least one week prior to the event, if not sooner, and have the name changed on the order because the person who’s name is on the order must show their ID and retrieve the ticket.  If that person purchased 2 or more tickets on one order, you will simply meet up with that person during the event to retrieve the ticket(s).

Transportation & Lodging: Tickets do not include transportation or overnight accommodations. We do have a very nice listing of companies who can help you make these types of arrangements. Plan in advance as the event weekends tend to book up quickly. These companies are listed under the Visitors section on our website.

Tickets and passports purchased are not refundable, exchangeable, transferable or changeable and the winery you chose to start at when purchasing your event tickets cannot be altered. Seneca Lake Wine Trail events are never cancelled.