Rock Stream Vineyards

Wine, spirits, ports and beers on the west side of Seneca Lake.

Rock Stream Vineyards is an estate winery owned and operated by Dr. Mark Karasz.  Mark is a West Point graduate and a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel with a PhD in chemistry.  A three-year tour in Italy inspired him to make wine and Grappa.  After returning from Italy, he founded Rock Stream Vineyards and began growing his own grapes and making wine, brandy, Grappa and ports.  The tasting room on Route 14 and Fir Tree Point Road has been open since July 23rd, 2005 and is Seneca Lake’s oldest licensed Grappa and Grape Brandy distillery.  Rock Stream also features live entertainment and our own special winery music which is now captured on our two CDs.  The vineyard has 40 acres of vines producing over 200 tons of grapes annually to make premium, hand-crafted wines.  The results truly make Rock Stream wine “The Wine of Your Life.”