Seneca Lake Wine Trail TV

Video clips about the the Seneca Lake Wine Trial TV. 

2014 Winery Interviews

12 Days of Christmas


Dave Stamp Tying Vines


Dave Stamp of Lakewood Vineyards demonstrates the process of tying grape vines.

Seneca Lake Wine Trail Music Video


From Rob, the Finger Lakes Weekend Wino Blogger, who wrote and performed this song, as well as whipped up the video montage to accompany the cute track!

Picking Pinot Grapes on Seneca Lake


Sue Schroeder, of Leidenfrost Vineyards, is busily harvesting Pinot grapes in early October, 2007 on the Seneca Lake Wine Trail in the Finger Lakes Region

Steven Fulkerson, Home Winemaking


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Part 5

Cruisin The Tropics Weekend

The following are a series of short video interviews with participants in our 2009 Cruisin' The Tropics Weekend.





Seneca Lake Wine Trail 12 Wine Days of Christmas


This video clip features our volunteer singer, belting out the tweltfh verse of our version of this timeless holiday song.

Spring Wine & Cheese Weekend

The following clips were captured during the 2009 Spring Wine & Cheese Weekend. Interviewees reflect on the fun experiences, excellent wine and creative dishes created using cheese donated by our event co-sponsor McCadam Cheese!




And, while I was out bombing around the Trail for this event, also stopped by Finger Lakes Distilling and chatted with the owner of this new business, scheduled for opening June 2009.


Seneca Lake Wine Trail Social Media


Over the course of the last few years, the Seneca Lake Wine Trail has been busily getting involved in the most popular social media sites, including Twitter , MySpace , Facebook and YouTube . With over 100 different clips on our YouTube channel, hundreds of pics posted up on MySpace and Facebook, plus contests announced exclusively through those sites, getting engaged with the Trail online is more engaging than ever. At left is a brief clip where Ventosa Vineyard's winemaker, Jenna LaVita explains the concept of "bud break" and what it could mean to the 2010 harvest.

great interview with Atwater Vineyards


Unfortunately the wind was overwhelming, the mic lame, and so this clip is largely unlistenable unfortunately.

Chatting with Brad from Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards


Paul interviews Hazlitt spokesperson Brad about their popular winery, wines and more. Apologize for the wind, we're still learning a lot about our camera!

Paul interviews Craig at Red Newt Cellars


Another lite interview with winery staff at the ever-popular Red Newt Cellars winery in the Finger Lakes Region of NY state. Another glorious winter day, though I apologize for the obnoxiously persistent wind that diminished this clips audio quality.

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