The Seneca Lake Wine Trail works closely with a variety of wine and tourism related organizations plus other, various regional organizations to best support our customers' needs. To find out more about a given organization, please click on the appropriate link and visit their website.


Over 80 different businesses are Associates of the Seneca Lake Wine Trail. These businesses are of particular interest to visitors to the Trail. Click on a business type below to learn more:

Chambers of Commerce

Chambers are terrific, all-purpose business and tourist orientated non-profits. The following chambers are all best of breed, providing visitors and local businesses alike with a variety of services and programs. Visitors to the Seneca Lake Wine Trail are encouraged to contact these Chambers for more information on events and other activities in the area.

Wine and Tourism Organizations

The following entities are very similar to the Seneca Lake Wine Trail, in that their primary purpose is to help bring more visitors to our region. They are an excellent resource for questions pertaining to the whole Finger Lakes Region.